Maurice Renoma

Maurice Renoma

It is through a selection of photos retracing his artistic journey that Maurice Renoma opens the doors of his creative and uninhibited universe to us.

A true artist-designer, he does not clutter himself with frames and prefers to remain on the margins of society's fixed codes, by diverting the subjects he enjoys dealing with.

He imagines his own path, however surprising it may be, Maurice Renoma has given himself the complete freedom to draw it and draws his inspiration from counter-cultures and encounters left to chance.

The journey of this polymorphous, multimedia and elusive artist nevertheless presents a common trait and a state of mind that link each of his adventures: Maurice Renoma is a free being, with a hint of assumed carelessness, a touch of self-derision and an untiring curiosity: an unquenchable desire to vibrate.

The photos, the feeling

Sophie Leiser has selected Maurice Renoma's photos through the artist's different periods and stages of life. Each subject expresses something that is both ambiguous and deconstructed, sometimes even going so far as to be absurd.

The inspiration

The human body, images impregnated with sensuality, exploring the details of a garment on the body, capturing the charm of a lost look or an intimate ritual are the focus of her inspiration.

Through his travels, the photographer seeks the life of the street, recognizing and capturing its energy through its inhabitants, humans and animals, their attitudes, their dress codes.

He photographs the beauty of the moment in a true declaration of love in the present.



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