Jean-Baptiste Isambert

Jean-Baptiste Isambert

Born in Chartres in 1980, he has lived and worked in Haute-Savoie since 2012. A graduate of professional photography, he worked in many fields of photography before devoting himself to his artistic aspirations in 2017. 

His work is noticed at the Art Manet contemporary art fair in 2011, then at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2014 or at the International Photo Fair in Bièvres in 2015. In 2018, his moving photographs excited visitors to his latest exhibition "Conversations n°9" at the contemporary art space l'Arteppes in Annecy. It is at the Galerie Sophie Leiser Artphotoby Paris that he exhibited his first Solo show in September 2018. In 2019, the artist took part in the cultural season at Boscodon Abbey. It presents 14 works created during an artistic residency on the abbey grounds.

In October 2019, Jean-Baptiste Isambert participates in the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris where he receives the prize: "The prize was awarded this year to Jean-Baptiste Isambert for Inflexion, from the Pantomime series (2019). In these two words, there is the elementary complexity of the photographer's approach; even more, perhaps, the very question of photography, the image of the real or real of the image. Trained in the ritualized social practices of photography, the artist emerges from their constraints in search of the freedom of a meditative practice, the apparatus as an object of aesthetic experience, as the terrain of a poetics of abstraction."

It is with his first series of photographs "Elementary Paintings" (2011-2014), that the artist reveals the authenticity of his approach.

His minimalist compositions inspired by nature invite you to dream and already reveal his fascination for pictorial photography. Mainly influenced by impressionist painting and pictorialist photography, Jean-Baptiste Isambert turned away from the documentary function of photography and sought to give an aesthetic aspect to the transcription of his reflections.

With the series "Phototropism" (2017) and "Imaginary Landscapes" (2018), the artist asserts his pictorial and symbolic style. It evolves towards dynamic shots. The freedom of interpretation he finds in this process literally allows him to "paint with light" to offer us imaginary landscapes that oscillate between reality and abstraction. In 2019, he produced two new series of photographs: "Pantomime" and "Sur le motif".



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