• Alfie Bowen

    Alfie Bowen

    Alfie Bowen first took up photography in 2014 following a life-long interest in our natural world. He was fed-up with seeing little being done about the plight facing many species across the world and so decided to use his love of photography to raise awareness.

  • Baron Wolman

    Baron Wolman

    Introduced in 1967 to the world of rock music by the founder of the Rolling Stones, Jann Wenner, Baron Wolman becomes the official photographer of the magazine. Author of the Jimi Hendrix's photographs, he also covers concerts of the Fillmore West in San Francisco and the mythic Woodstock 1969.

  • Basile Minatchy

    Basile Minatchy

    Scene photographer as well, Basile Minatchy tests his talent in various environments like art shows, companies or nurseries. 

  • Claude Guillaumin

    Claude Guillaumin

    This great photographer's fashion and beauty work appeared in Glamour, Seventeen, New York Times Magazine, Esquire … He also realized several advertising campaigns for diverse clients, including Revlon, Clairol, L’Oréal, Dior, Avon, Chanel, YSL, Clarins … Since 2000, he has been focusing on portraiting women that are not "topmodels" to reveal their beauty.

  • Dani Olivier

    Dani Olivier

    Dani Olivier make portraits photographies mixing painting and photography. They glorify the beauty of women and aim to reveal them in their double dimension of body and soul.

  • Elodie Grégoire

    Elodie Grégoire

    Elodie Gregoire has worked with the biggest international photo agencies like Sipa Press, REA agency and Gamma agency. She is now a freelance photographer.

    Her work has earned a lot of covers magazines and
    newspapers like Paris-Match , Point , JDD ...

  • Etienne Chognard

    Etienne Chognard

    Etienne Chognard, author photographer, offers a new and unique process of art photography printed on serigraphy matrix support.

  • Francis Apesteguy

    Francis Apesteguy

    Photographer in 1972 at the Sipa Press agency then at the Angeli agency, Francis Apesteguy began his career as a matadorthat surprising the most famous stars of the time.
    He started at the Gamma agency in 1977, to make
    photographies of celebrities.

  • François Darmigny

    François Darmigny

    After following international news and major sports events, covering the wars in Lebanon and Afghanistan, François Darmigny became a freelance photographer in the middle of 90, feeling the need to explore new photographic world more in line with his own conception of the image. He decided "not to undergo the action but to create it myself preferring fulfill my part."

    His world: capture and immortalize the emotions, personalities, attitudes and characters by giving them a dimension and an artistic soul. His moto: putting people at the centrer of the image.

  • Garth Bowden

    Garth Bowden

    Garth Bowden grew up in London where he studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art. He has a multi-disciplinary practice between painting, photography, sculpture and design, all mediums he uses to share his personal reflections about the world.

  • Giles Daoust

    Giles Daoust

    Photographer Giles Daoust's approach is to bring together the worlds of nature photography and “genre” cinema. He delves into the small marvels of nature that we too often take for granted, and tries to bring forward strange moods and supernatural elements that the untrained eye can easily miss. (

  • Hormoz


    The photographer Hormoz, who fell in love with the cinema of horror at only 16, made his weapons with short-films super 8 and painting. His interest in cinema of horror left its mark: his artworks are filled with a morbid and surrealistic eroticism.             

  • Iannis Pledel

    Iannis Pledel

    Iannis Pledel is a painter and a photographer. He studied Epistemology in La Sorbonne and had a Phd in Information and Cognitive Sciences before studying Photography and Graphic Design at the Gobelin School in Paris and learning the platinum-palladium print.

  • Jacques Bénaroch

    Jacques Bénaroch

    Passionate about photography since his youth, Jacques Benaroch started his career as a professional photographer in the middle 70s at the legendary concerts of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie or Bob Marley.

  • Jean-Baptiste Isambert

    Jean-Baptiste Isambert

    Jean-Baptiste Isambert is an artistic photographer. Born in Chartres in 1980, he has been living and working in Haute-Savoie since 2012. With a background in professional photography, he has practiced in numerous photographic domains before dedicating himself to his artistic aspirations.

  • Jean-Marie Marion

    Jean-Marie Marion

    The photographer Jean Marie Marion started working with Carolyn Carlson and Maurice Béjart after his studies in fine arts. Interested in fashion, he became one of the topmodels of the 1980’s.

    After that, he went behind the camera to realize many reports of personalities for the press.

  • Jean-Michel Turpin

    Jean-Michel Turpin

    Since he was 14 years old, Jean-Michel Turpin has been fascinated by photography. To enter the business, he made himself a fake press card and took his first steps as a photographer in Paris.

    After studying Fine Arts, he began his professional career in 1985.

  • Jean-Michel Voge

    Jean-Michel Voge

    Jean-Michel Voge worked as a photographer for Figaro Magazine and traveled all over the world to take pictures. He is specialized in social, art, private collections, architecture, lifestyle and portraits. He produces large and medium format images.
  • Jean-Paul Lubliner

    Jean-Paul Lubliner

    Photographer, art creator and architect, the artist Jean-Paul Lubliner carried out a photographic project around the Eiffel Tower – 365 days before the year 2000. Every day, he went to the Eiffel Tower and grasped the atmospheres and lights that were offered by the Iron Lady, light up by his countdown.

  • June Stolian

    June Stolian

    June Stolian is a French artist and photographer based in Paris.

    He makes portraits of free women in an imaginary world.
    To create this colorful and fantastical universe, he works in studio with his models and diverts objects from the daily life, vintage clothes and different materials. The result is a fusion between shapes and colors, a blend between reality and pixels.

  • Kai Schäfer

    Kai Schäfer

    Since 2011, Kai Schäfer has been dedicating himself to his first big photo-art-project “Worldrecords”.

    For this photo series, including about 100 photographs up to now, he photographs the great albums of music history, as for example The Clash, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, in an oversized format on record players that have become legendary too. The result is a tribute to unforgettable analogues worlds of sound.

    He declared : "besides professional photography, my focus always has been on music".

  • Kasra


    Kasra is a sleepwalker. Wether he roams the streets of Paris or walks down the littoral landscape, the photos he brings back from his sleepless wanderings seem to emerge his dreams. Kara sleeps, but with his eyes wide open.

  • Marc Schilovitz

    Marc Schilovitz

    Marc Schilovitz started to photograph in the middle of the 80's. After working in the aeronautics, he took off to Brazil for a sabbatical year where he discovered photgraphy. When he got back, he started studying photojournalism at the CFPJ.

  • Maurice Renoma

    Maurice Renoma

    Maurice Renoma is a French couturier, designer, scenographer and photographer, known for influencing fashion since the 60s.

    During the beginning of the 90s, Maurice Renoma developed a new passion for another medium: the image. This is life itself, in its extraordinary normality, which became the main subject of his photographs. His cameras accompanies him on every one of his trips around the world.

  • Michel Giniès

    Michel Giniès

    Born in 1952, the photographer Michel Giniès integrated
    the famous international photography agency Sipa Press in 1972. The photographer of celebrities covers Parisian parties
    and follows the international stars coming in Paris. That was the "Dolce Vita" time in Paris.

  • Nathalie Bermudes

    Nathalie Bermudes

    Born in Lyon, Nathalie Bermudes lives and works in Paris. She is a painter, graduated from the Pictural Centre for Decorative Arts. Its creative content adopts reality and anticipation, integrating a vision of the world as a whole.

  • Pascal Baril

    Pascal Baril

    Pascal Baril is a French professional photographer who started his career in 1981.

    After working for leading photographic press agencies (Associated-Press, Interpress, Kipa-Press and Corbis-Sygma), Pascal launched, in 2003, his own agency “Planète Bleue Images”.

  • Pascal Ito

    Pascal Ito

    After finishing his photography studies at the American Centre of Paris in 1986, The photographer Pascal Ito worked together with the agency Sygma, . At Sygma, he took portraits of artists for magazines. He also worked as a photographer on film sets on the side.

    Since 2003, he works as a freelance photographer and takes numerous portraits ordered by magazines, advertisement, television and the show posters. He also works on personal series.

  • Patrick RIMOND

    Patrick RIMOND

    After studying engineering in Paris, Patrick Rimond moved to Japan where he spent nine inspiring years. In Osaka, he fully dedicated himself to photography, exhibiting in galleries and also working for magazines. His Japanese portraits and urban landscape are a straight and sensitive capture of reality. The subtlety of Japanese spirituality allowed him to find a backing to adjust his relationship to the world.

  • Renato D'Agostin
  • Richard Melloul

    Richard Melloul

    In 1964, Richard Melloul was a laboratory assistant at the Damas agency before entering the lab of the Gamma Presse Images agency, founded amongst others by Raymond Depardon and Jean Lattès in may 1968.

    From 1974 to 2002, Richard Melloul was part of the staff at the Sygma agency.

    The photographer then created his own society and became an independent photographer.

  • Roberto Battistini

    Roberto Battistini

    Roberto Battistiniwas born in Bastia, in 1959. He studied cinema at the Paris VIII University before dedicating himself to photography.

  • Stéphane Gizard

    Stéphane Gizard

    Stéphane Gizard is a French photographer who lives and works in Paris. A photographer known for his portraits representing young people in the "Modern Lovers" series, or for those of stars and anonymous people, his benevolent gaze captures the beauty and fragility of his models to reveal their sensuality, letting the expression of a truth or an intimate question emerge.

  • Stéphanie Slama

    Stéphanie Slama

    After graduating from California State University with a degree in Fine Arts, Stephanie Slama studied photography with Elle magazine art director Peter Knappthe at the Paris Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques / Penninghen.

    She is currently working as a professional photographer and art director creating advertising, catalogue, editorial, celebrity portraiture, and other published works for many brands. She is represented in Paris by the Photo12 agency of Valerie Anne Giscard d’Estaing and in London by Millennium.

  • Sumo


    Major figure of the contemporary art, SUMO is also a renowned graphic artist. His style is caracterized by thick brushstrocks and bright colours, incorporating symbols of contemporary pop culture.

  • Takeshi Shikama

    Takeshi Shikama

    More than 11 years ago, Takeshi Shikama lost himself in a forest, intrigued by the darkness of the trees. The next day, he came back to the same place with a photographic camera in ordrer to try to capture its essence, its soul. Since that moment, he did not stop photographying Japanese, American and European forests.

  • Thierry Clech

    Thierry Clech

    Working exclusively with black and white argentic, Thierry Clech photographs landscapes during his trips : Japon, Turkey, India, Nicaragua, Urkainia. He is also a novelist and scenarist for the movie industry.

  • Thomas Lavelle

    Thomas Lavelle

    Thomas Lavelle is a self-taught fashion photographer located in Paris, France.

  • Tony Frank

    Tony Frank

    The star photographer of the sixties discovered photo, jazz and blues in 1959, during the holidays. Photo and music then became his two passions.



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